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Out of control Algae

Out of control algae is not as hard to achieve as it sounds. Pond algae can seriously take over you beautiful, pristine pond. Crazy, florescent green string algae so long and thick that you could sell it to aliens to use as wigs! Pond algae so out of control you can practically walk across the pond on it, this is what we’re talking about

Are you jealous of someone you know with so much pond algae that the Creature from the Black Lagoon might actually live in their pond ready to emerge from the depths to do some bodily damage to the neighborhood? Of course not

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 4.52.23 PM

I can literally teach you, in ten easy steps, how to grow such dark shades of suspended green single-cell algae so that you can reduce the visibility in your pond to less than an inch. You won’t even have to see your prized koi, goldfish or other aquatic life in your pond! Imagine a pond so dense with pond scum and algae that on a cool morning at the break of dawn you see steam rising from the pond!

Converting a crystal clear and clean pond to a pond dominated and controlled by algae does not take much effort. In fact, several items on our list of the Top Ten Things you can do to promote out of control algae in your pond involve doing absolutely nothing at all!

Cazee Ponds Top Ten List of things you can do to get the algae in your pond to grow out of control. Guaranteed!

OVER FEED YOUR FISH! This is one really fun thing you can do to throw your pond out of balance really quickly and promote the growth of some out of control algae. Feed you fish massive quantities of fish food three, four, five times a day. In fact leave the fish food in an easily accessible location right next to the pond so it’s easy for your family and friends to overfeed the fish too! If you’re going away for the weekend, feed your fish EXTRA before you leave and then EXTRA when you get back. After you finish feeding the fish each morning toss a couple more random handfuls of fish food into the pond so the fish have something to eat while you’re at work. In fact, the more uneaten fish food you have floating around in the pond the better if you are looking to promote the growth of pond algae.

OVER STOCK YOUR POND with Koi, mosquito fish, turtles, goldfish, tadpoles, frogs and hope for babies! This is also extremely fun to do! Buy as many fish as you think your pond can support and then buy a dozen more for good measure! No one likes a pond with a conservative amount of fish in the pond, right? Over stock it!!When you finally do have hundreds of baby fish in your pond commit to not giving away any of them! Name each and every one of the baby fish! The more fish the better for promoting a great environment for pond algae that is difficult to manage!

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 4.50.41 PM

DON’T DO WATER CHANGES! If you follow through with steps one and two you will be promoting amazingly poor water quality. By NOT performing any water changes, algae will go crazy! String alga is one of Mother Nature’s ways of trying to manage water quality. If you do water changes you will be reducing phosphates and nitrates. Pond algae is dependent on phosphates and nitrates for optimal growth and vibrant color. If you get in a little routine and start actually doing small water changes on a monthly basis your water quality would constantly be improving and pond algae would be sad, so don’t do water changes if you are looking to grow fantastic pond algae!

DON’T CLEAN YOUR FILTERS! Ignore, neglect, forget, avoid, overlook, and/or pay absolutely NO attention to your pond filters! Really, don’t even look their way! Filters capture and collect pond scum, debris and muck. If you clean your filters regularly you will be reducing the necessary fuel to grow luscious pond algae.

DON’T INSTALL A POND SKIMMER ON YOUR POND! Pond skimmers capture surface debris in your pond including, but not limited to, leaves, pollen, dust, uneaten fish food and other suspended organic debris. If you don’t have a skimmer then these excess organics will have the opportunity to become water logged, sink to the bottom of the pond and become FUEL for your beloved pond algae. Who really wants to see the bottom of your pond anyway?

DO NOT PLANT AQUATIC PLANTS! If you want the Creature from the Black Lagoon to come and live in your pond, DO NOT put aquatic plants in your pond and you will grow pond algae like crazy! Aquatic plants consume nitrates and excess nutrients in your pond. If you have a nice balance of aquatic plants in your pond then how in the world do you plan on growing massive quantities of string algae? The aquatic plants will be competing with your pond algae for fuel!

You’re right on track, we’re almost there!

DON’T BLOCK THE SUN! Provide your pond with as much sun exposure as possible! Algae love the sun so if you are looking to grow top quality pond algae then bring on the sun! No shade trees, no water lilies or floating aquatic plants! More sun equals a warmer pond and the warmer the water the better your algae will grow!

FEED DIRT-CHEAP KOI FOOD! That’s right; don’t feed a real deal premium fish food to your koi if you want to grow pond algae like crazy! Buy the cheapest fish food you can get your hands on. You know, the cheap koi food that sometimes clouds the water when you over feed your pond, right? Get the cheap koi STICKS that crush in your fingers like Cheetos. The floating koi sticks get wet & gooey when the koi chew them up and the food ends up squirting out their gills during feeding and the remnants of the koi stick goo end up on the bottom of your pond where pond algae can start to use it to grow like crazy!


TURN YOUR PUMPS OFF AT NIGHT! Oh, this is really a good one if you want to grow the best pond algae on the planet! You see when your filters are running on your pond they become a living organism that helps you manage pristine conditions in your water quality. When you turn your filter pumps off in the evening then the living organisms die. In the morning when you turn your pumps and filters back on you will be pumping all the DEAD organisms from the filters back into the pond and your pond algae will love it! Each morning your filter will try and regenerate into a living organism but by turning your pumps and filters off each night then you will never truly have a living & breathing life support system to combat all of that beautiful algae.

DO STEPS 1 THROUGH 9 ALL AT ONCE! Wash, rinse, repeat! If you do these all at the same time I promise you will grow the most amazing pond algae the planet has ever seen!

If you wish to thank me for sharing my successful recipes for growing the ultimate out of control algae, please send photos of you and your algae. Your success is my reward!