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The GHOST with the Most – SnapChat
Do you believe in GHOSTS? 100 million people believe in the SnapChat GHOST.
Here are 3 Reasons I GUARANTEE you’ll find value Following Cazee Ponds on SnapChat!


Throughout my day in the pond world, whether I’m building ponds, doing pond maintenance, getting ready to broadcast live on Periscope, or meeting up with fellow pond builders, I’m snapping it up and sharing valuable content that Pond Freaks and Geeks need to know!
I let my fans and followers in on all the behind the scenes action.
Catch my freshest content for upcoming YouTube videos as I snap the days activities.


Whether we are building a cool, new water feature, checking on the health of someone’s fish, or putting koi through our quarantine procedures, I snap quick videos and photos for my story too!
This means that you can actually watch the pond come to life instead of just some before/during/after shots on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. It’s great fun to see my crew and I constructing, and playing throughout the day as we build someone’s dream right in their own backyard.
When we treat Koi for our customers, we walk you through what we are doing, so you learn the proper procedures for a safe quarantine. We also teach you how to recognize signs of problems, and the methods we use to treat parasites and bacteria.
Plus, if you live too far for us to visit your pond, and you have a question or concern about it, you can send me some snaps so I can see your koi, and offer you suggestions!


Every time I have an opportunity to share a tip, trick or secret that could help a pond enthusiast shorten their learning curve in the hobby, post it to My Story!
I’ve Snapped Construction Tips and Tricks on how to cut stone, properly foam in a waterfall and even snapped the best methods for handling and transporting Koi! These are just some of the Pond Pro Tips I’ve shared in the last few weeks! Sometimes we even snap barbecuing and cooking hints and tips as we spend family time together around the pond.

The opportunities for me to share content with you are endless! Catch me on SnapChat! I’ll have you believing in the Ghost in no time! You can SNAP me at
Helping The World Go With The Flow!
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