Pond Supplies & Construction

Cazee Ponds is an Arizona based Pond Builder and Landscaper

Cazee Ponds builds custom koi ponds, water gardens, pondless water features; even small lakes! We are part of a group of pond builders that build and design koi ponds across America. We are based out of Southern Arizona, servicing the Southern Arizona area.

When Designing a Koi pond, it’s important to consider:

  • The size of the pond or water feature
  • Is the pond going to utilize the existing landscape features?
  • Will there be plants, fish or both?
  • What level of filtration is needed?
  • What kind of maintenance will required on the pond?
  • What kind of access will the pond have to electrical and water lines?
  • What kind of precautions to take against pets or wildlife
  • Aesthetically, what kind of fish/plants/rock features will compliment the water feature?
Designing a koi pond or water feature is an undertaking that we would love the opportunity to be a part of. Whether you have all the answers to those questions or not, we can consult you and design a pond with you to make sure all those questions are answered. After all, a lot of thought and care goes into the making of a pond! It's important to protect your investment and home so Call or Email us today and let's make a water feature!

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Supporting The Community Through Ponds

We make it our goal here at Cazee Ponds to help grow the community with our pond construction and pond supplies services! Whether you’re renovating a pond or adding an entirely new feature, we’d love to help have a hand in growing your home and investment! If you’re new to Cazee Ponds, feel free to Contact Us or check out our Supplies store for your pond needs.

Check back soon for new blogs, tips and tricks from the Cazee’s themselves!